Thursday, 11 February 2016

Error While Publishing WinCC WebNavigator

Hello friends !

This time I want to share a problem while using WinCC WebNavigator with CEMAT v8.1.
So, maybe this article is suitable for people with experience of WinCC and Web Navigator, because I will not describe some basic steps.

I have a problem when I do WinCC Web View Publisher Wizard. At the end of the process (Web Publishing Wizard) I get some error, some Picture cannot be published because there are "undefined identifier". Like this:

------- @PG_C_ANNUN8_STANDARD.pdl
Status: Fail
Line: 213    Error:   error  (003f) : undefined identifier 'C_ReadProjStdAS'
Line: 213    Error:   error  (0066) : 'C_ReadProjStdAS' is not a function
Line: 213    Error:   error  (0045) : illegal assignment

------- @C_SetTrendCurves_APL.pdl
Status: Fail
Line: 68    Error:   error  (003f) : undefined identifier 'C_StrngToUpper'
Line: 68    Error:   error  (0066) : 'C_StrngToUpper' is not a function
Line: 68    Error:   error  (0007) : different levels of indirection

> There are 2 function (fct) which cause Error: 'C_ReadProjStdAS' and 'C_StrngToUpper'
> I check to the folder: D:\CEMAT_CS\ WINCC\library\CematBin, the FCT files is already exist there.
> I open the pdl, then search for some script within faceplate. I found script on some object, which call the function 'C_ReadProjStdAS'. When I compile the script, Error happens.

The first step is: googling... haha.
from many discussions on Siemens forum, I get this Solution.
The Solution is: Regenerate Header
Open Global script C editor, then click on menu Options > Regenerate Header
After finish, try to compile the script on the faceplate. It must be no error right now. Then you can do Web Publich again.

Good luck!

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