Friday, 21 August 2015

Multi Monitor Picture Viewer

This application is used for viewing multi picture on multi monitor. 

Usually this functionality is applied on manufacturing factory to view some instruction sheets, like Bench Work Instruction (BWI).
As we know, in manufacturing factory there are many operators work on production line. Each operator is handle for each step of production. So if we want to put some instruction manual for operator, we must set different instruction for each operator.
Before this, the BWI is printed on paper and pinned on/above operator desk.
We want to make a paperless BWI, so we make this application. With this application, we can change the BWI without printing to paper.
Beside that case (manufacturing factory), this application also can useful for other purpose.

Multi Monitor Picture Viewer

the demo version can downloaded here:
*please use Right-click > Save as.
*rename the file extension from .JPG to .ZIP, then extract the file.
*demo version is run only 1 minute.

* the number of monitor is checked automatically while app open. if there any install/uninstall monitors, click button Check to re-check the actual screen/monitor.
* the Selected group on combo box is based on config file.
* when we choose a group, the pictures in this group is listed on list view.

Config File

* autoactive        :   1=auto is activated when open, 0=auto is not activated
* autogroup        :    the default group to be activated automatic (when app open)
* DO NOT delete or edit the line of this header: Group,Monitor,Description,File,
* all data below the header is separated by Comma.
* the sample pictures is attached, just copy-paste to drive D:\

Manual Tab

We can do manual test for launch picture on selected monitor.
> select the monitor
> write some description
> browse picture file
> click Launch

Test with two monitor:

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