Sunday, 5 July 2015

Auto Run Services

Auto Run Services is a little application to keep some services Running.
We create this application because of our WinCC problem. Our WinCC Client suddenly “hang”, not connected to the server. After do some analyze, the Sharing services on the server is Stop, and also other services. We assume this problem is caused by virus. We have try to cleaning up but still can not kill the virus.
So, to fight against the virus, we make an application to force Run the services.
This is not a good long term solution, but temporary can keep the system running well.

The view of application:

To change the list of services, you can click on Open File button, then change/add/remove services name, then save it. You must re-open (close-open) application to update the list of services.
Every 5 seconds, the application checks the state of the services, if it not Running, then the application will force it to be Running.
The changes status will be logged on file. To see it you can click on Open Log button.

Download the project HERE

Thank you..!

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